gnucash and "open source"

Karl Berry karl at
Sun Dec 2 14:21:27 EST 2007


Back in August 2006, there was a fairly long thread kicked off by rms
requesting that "open source" be replaced with "free software" on the web page:

It culminated in this message from Thomas:
which, together with the following replies, seemed to imply that the
changes would be made.  But, in fact, they never were -- the web page
still says "open source".

Someone else just reported this to rms and me, so we'd like to get it
resolved this time, one way or another.  Help?

Although I agree that the double meaning of "free" is especially
unfortunate for accounting software, there is no good alternative.
( is rms'
latest essay about this.  From the standpoint of GNU and the free
software movement, it would be better to refrain from saying anything
than to say "open source".)

Perhaps it would go some way toward resolving the confusion to say "free
as in freedom" somewhere in the initial description on the web page.
Just an idea ...


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