Some workaround for reducing rounding error in extreme currencies rates

Frank H. Ellenberger f.ellenberger at
Tue Dec 4 13:47:29 EST 2007


in bugzilla are a few problems reported about currency handling. Today for me, 
I solved one of them.

The case:
Assume, I bought 1473680 IDR for 130 EUR.
This is a rate of exactly 11336 IDR/EUR.
If I enter the transaction from my accout cash-EU this looks relative good.

The price editor _displays_ a rate of 0 + 251417/2834000000. Realy in a ratio 
of 11336:100 % both numbers can be divided by 4 to become 18336:25 %. The 
digits "1417" seems to be some noise or a randem seed ;).

If I press the edit button, it is offering "0 + 1 / 11336", which is the 
original rate.

But, ... if I press OK then, I get a rate of 0,000088. This is really not 
precise, the inversion would be 11363.63..

My conclusion is: do not use the price editor for currencies. Instead create 
and delete a dummy transaction to enter more precise exchange rates.

So my first question is, are there any objections, that the price-editor does 
not use the same smart code as xfer-editor for currencies?

2. should the conclusio be published anywhere?


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