GNUCash Backtrace from FreeBSD 6.2 Release...

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 14 10:14:07 EST 2007

dcswest at writes:

> Well I just ended up downgrading both slib and slib-guile to 3a1 and
> now it at least starts again and allows me to catch up on my
> accounting and not have to resort to something proprietary yet, but
> I sure hope someone who knows how, updates it soon for FreeBSD
> because this one still has problems such as starting too slowly and
> not always properly handling "transaction splits" involving
> different currencies, not to mention a few other bugs...

Um, not sure what you mean by "proprietary"?   Nothing in GnuCash
is proprietary.  I was just asking for help testing the code that
will be 2.0.5 Really Soon Now.

As for "starting too slowly", did you see the FAQ:

As for "not always properly handling transaction splits involving
multiple currencies", yes, we know there are a bunch of bugs there.
The register is a piece of spaghetti, and there are multiple code
paths that all behave differently based on how you move around
the register.   Hitting tab behaves differently than hitting return,
and both behave differently than using the mouse button to jump around!

As for "a few other bugs", well, mention them, please!  Or at
least make sure they are filed in bugzilla!  If we don't know about
them then we can't fix them.


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