gtkhtml3 - gnomeprint vs. GtkPrint

Bill Nottingham notting at
Tue Feb 27 11:25:36 EST 2007

I don't know if anyone else was already looking at this, but I took
some time to look at handling the gtkhtml3-3.13.9x conversion to GtkPrint,
in order to get gnucash building again for the Fedora devel tree.

In short, I'm not sure how workable any conversion to simultaneously
handle both is -

1) it changes the printing module from procedural to being done by
   attaching handlers to a GtkPrintOperation
2) gnucash exports pretty much a bare wrapper on the gnome-print APIs to
   scheme for the check-printing code, so that would have to be changed
   as well
3) Even if gnucash is fixed to work with a GtkPrint gtkhtml... goffice
   still uses gnomeprint in all released upstream versions.

So, it would seem to me the best course of action is to just claim
that gtkhtml-3.14 or later is unsupported; upstream is changing both
the API and ABI version, so it should fail any configure check gnucash
already has. Unless someone who hacks in gtk code more than I do
(i.e., once every 3-6 months) wants to take a go at chainsawing the
printing code.


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