python-gnucash (swig-ification against 2.0.1)

Tom Purl tom at
Thu Jan 18 14:08:43 EST 2007

> You would still need to wait for someone to create a swig wrapper for
> your specific language.

Ok, thanks.

> Also, it's unlikely you'd be able to write a report per se in a
> different language even if someone did write the bindings for you.
> The fact that we're using swig should make those bindings easier, but
> it's still a non-zero amount of work.  Other-language bindings would
> let you do things like access your dsta file, but not write reports...
> Or at least not reports that would plug into gnucash itself.

Yeah, that's what I meant.  I was assuming that I wouldn't be able to
generate reports from within GnuCash, but some plain-old-text reporting
would be nice on occasion too.

Or I could just learn how to use scheme, but my mind has been polluted
with procedural programming languages, so that may not happen :)

Thanks again!

Tom Purl

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