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Fri Jan 19 06:43:09 EST 2007

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Andreas Köhler schrieb:
>> seem like the win32 install script should have installed a 0.9.7 version
>> of openssl to start with (see Tor's message below), as the current 0.9.8
>> version obviously is incompatible with the gnome-vfs binary that was
>> built against openssl-0.9.7.
> I am sorry that did not even check but just wanted _some_ openssl DLLs
> to continue the work. I do not think there will be any problems if we
> update to 0.9.8 as long as we provide an upgrade path in,
> i.e. detect the older version somehow. 

Ok, since there wasn't any particular reason for the version you added
to, I will switch it to use the version used by gnome-vfs
which is also offered by the gnuwin32 project. Except that the version
differences are backwards - the current uses 0.9.8, whereas
the gnome-vfs package needs and gnuwin32 offers 0.9.7. I'll commit this
change, including proper version changing control code.

>> * Either we switch to use gnome-vfs without openssl
>> * or we are forced to install openssl-0.9.7 (available at gnuwin32)
>> I think I'd prefer to use gnome-vfs without openssl, especially since
>> Tor said he has never tested the ssl parts of gnome-vfs on win32 anyway.
> Seconded.

Ok. Will be committed to However, this isn't too critial
anymore, because once the correct :-) openssl is installed, the
gnome-vfs *with* openssl won't cause any crash anymore.

>> Second, concerning openssl as a build requirement of gwenhyfar:
>> * Either we build gwenhywfar with openssl-0.9.8
>> * or with openssl-0.9.7 (i.e. uninstall openssl-0.9.8 and use 0.9.7
>> instead)
> If you are able to build gwenhywfar with 0.9.8 on windows, then
> I think we should use that. Or are there technical reasons not to
> use the latest stable version?

As I said: Gwenhywfar builds fine with either one. But the 0.9.7 version
packages from gnuwin32 are easier to handle since those are available as
ZIP which won't install anything outside of the designated install
directory. Whereas the 0.9.8 installer puts a bunch of DLLs into
WIN_DIR\system32\ and it doesn't uninstall them on uninstall. That's why
I prefer to use the 0.9.7 packages for the time being. Of course, if new
reasons show up, we will be able to switch back to 0.9.8 any time.

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