is gnucash-glossary still alive?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Jul 2 05:18:52 EDT 2007

Hi Benno,

thanks for asking. No, gnucash-glossary is not (any longer) a package  
of itself.

We packaged it separately to see whether translators would make use of  
this separate package more easily, but in recent months and years that  
didn't seem to be the case. The files itself (including all submitted  
po files) are still included in the main gnucash package.

In summary: Indeed it would be better to remove the gnucash-glossary  
domain from the Translation Project. It would be good to include the  
following URL in the description of the gnucash package:



Quoting Benno Schulenberg <coordinator at>:
> Is gnucash-glossary still a package by itself?  Or has it become
> part of gnucash?  If the latter is the case, would it not be better
> to just remove all its PO files from the Translation Project?
> Meaning to remove the following page and all files it points to.
> If the project is still a separate one and alive, please announce
> its latest version to <coordinator at>.
> Regards,
> Benno

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