Release date 2.2.0?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Jul 2 05:26:38 EDT 2007

Hi Chris,

Quoting Chris Lyttle <chris at>:
> Sorry all, I got swamped by work and my planned trip away this weekend
> and couldn't put together the tarball. I will attempt to put it
> together tomorrow (2nd).

Sorry to hear that. Good to have 2.1.5 as soon as you've got time for it.

>> As we've agreed on another 2.1.5 this weekend, what would be your   
>> preferred release date? Friday would be fine as well. Could you   
>> modify accordingly   
>> and also note the approximate time of day of when you intend to do   
>> the release (just so that andi5 knows whether you'll release in the  
>>  afternoon or night)?
> I assume you are referring to the 2.2.0 release.

No, the above paragraph referred to "2.1.5 this weekend".

> I was originally
> thinking Thursday, but the delay of the release to mid-july has now
> crimped me bit as I will be away from home all that week. I could
> possible put the tarball together friday evening on the 13th July.

Depends on whether Nathan thinks he can package the Windows binary  
between Friday evening and Saturday evening. Also, if you have other  
date proposals, please add then to so that the others can  
see what the current idea is.

> As to the announcement, how are we going to do that? So far I've just
> been sending out the email to the list and announcing it on our
> homepage. Do we need more? What format?
> As the most important aspect of this release is the windows support,
> I'd like someone who is using it currently on windows to let us know if
> we need to announce it in some windows specific places too.

Yes, I was wondering about that as well and so far I don't have an  
answer to that, too. Nathan and I thought all ideas should be  
collected on but so far we  
don't have much.


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