is gnucash-glossary still alive?

Benno Schulenberg coordinator at
Mon Jul 2 16:01:36 EDT 2007

Christian Stimming wrote:
> In summary: Indeed it would be better to remove the
> gnucash-glossary domain from the Translation Project. It would be
> good to include the following URL in the description of the
> gnucash package:


Please update that wiki page to show the new URLs for the TP 
(I would have done so myself, but the page is protected): , and for the package: .

(Also please remove that strange "Last update: 2003-07-04" remark 
at the top.  It almost made me stop reading, as it makes the page 
seem obsolete.  And all those other update remarks can go too; 
that's what the history page is for.)



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