gnucash 2.2.0 this weekend? Which dates precisely?

Nathan Buchanan nbinont at
Wed Jul 11 00:07:26 EDT 2007

On 7/10/07, Christian Stimming <stimming at> wrote:
> Chris, Nathan, and all,
> I think we're ready for 2.2.0. We've fixed a whole number of Windows bugs;
> we
> reduced the showstoppers on Windows to a minimum; and we've fixed a
> significant number of overall bugs as well. I think we can go ahead and
> release 2.2.0 at the next date that seems fit.


As discussed earlier, we want to send the announcement out when not only the
> sources are uploaded, but the Windows binary is available as well. @Nathan
> and @Chris: which of the schedules at
> seems good to you?
> Or,
> if not this weekend, which of the following weekends would work good?

I think the second option sounds better "Alternatively, if the announcement
should be sent out on a Sunday, here's how we could schedule this: Source
package is tagged in SVN and uploaded on Thursday, July 12th. Binary package
is created and uploaded by Saturday, July 14th (and needs to be copied to as well). Announcement is sent out on Sunday, July 15th."
But I am flexible. Chris - If you could let us know when you are aiming at
having the tarball up (date and, if possible, morning, evening, etc), I can
minimize my response time in creating the binary.

I'll try to hang out on IRC a bit more in the coming days.


Once you've pointed out the dates that work, we'll agree on the final
> schedule. And then we'll have the GnuCash-On-All-Systems release! That's
> extremely cool.
> Regards,
> Christian

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