GnuCash Testplan First Draft

ahmad sayed ahmadsayed83 at
Wed Jun 13 16:08:02 EDT 2007

Hi Josh,

>> The second item implies that the test framework should be able to modify
>> gconf keys before starting gnucash (in this case, to remove the "have seen
>> the first-time dialog" key).  Which makes perfect sense, but I don't recall
>> that this has been called out before.

Yes, i implemented 2 functions which modify the gconf keys, one delete only the 
also there is a a more aggresive version which recursively unset all gnucash entries. to start it as fresh one.

>> You might want to ensure these are in the correct order so that you're always
>> creating the entity that's required for a subsequent stage.  For instance,
>> you may need an Employee before you can start a Job.  I'm not quite sure what
>> that ordering is.

In similar situations  to ensure that  order  for the cases  we need to find xxxx test cases we are going to have in the test  case setup a data file we are not going to start every thing from the beging

>> This is a really good idea, but it's going to be a function of our ability to
>> test the register, I fear. :/
Sorry Josh, i didn't got this.

Best regards,
Ahmed Sayed

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