GnuCash Testplan First Draft

Andreas Köhler at
Wed Jun 13 16:23:41 EDT 2007


ahmad sayed schrieb:
>>> The second item implies that the test framework should be able to modify
>>> gconf keys before starting gnucash (in this case, to remove the "have seen
>>> the first-time dialog" key).  Which makes perfect sense, but I don't recall
>>> that this has been called out before.
> Yes, i implemented 2 functions which modify the gconf keys, one delete only the 
> /apps/gnucash/history/file0
> also there is a a more aggresive version which recursively unset all gnucash entries. to start it as fresh one.

I just remembered that there is the environment variable GNC_GCONF_PATH 
to replace the prefix /apps/gnucash.  I have no clue whether this is 
helpful here at all.

-- andi5

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