MS Win locale issue?

Davide Imbeni davide.imbeni at
Tue Jun 19 06:36:27 EDT 2007


I did not mention I'm using Windows 2000; I did not find any Standards and
Formats", "Location" and "Language for non-Unicode
programs" in the Control Panel, Regional Settings. Instead, I can see, among

- General -
Locale (location) = Italian (Italy)

- Numbers -
Decimal symbol = ","
Digit grouping symbol = "."

- Currency -
Currency symbol = "L." (as in Italian Lira, why is it still there after all
these years!! :-( )
Decimal symbol = ""
Digit grouping symbol = "."

I see there is no decimal symbol in the currency section, which makes sense
for the ITL admitted no decimals (being worth almost nothing,,,)

I don't export any LANG or LANGUAGE variables.

I hope this helps
Thank you again


On 6/19/07, "Andreas Köhler" < at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Davide Imbeni wrote:
> > I've been testing Gnucash for Windows since its first release. I've
> notice
> > that there might be a problem with local currency settings, and I'm no
> > longer sure it only depends on my (old) machine configuration. Please
> find
> > below a list of relevant observations.
> [snip snip]
> I will try to check that later today, but I will need your exact locale.
> In the Control Panel, Regional Settings, there are several settings
> regarding
> it, I think "Standards and Formats", "Location" and "Language for
> non-Unicode
> programs".  If you exported environment variables like LANG or LANGUAGE, I
> need those too, of course.
> Thanks for your detailed information!
> > Davide
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