Cannot enter text correcty on Win platform

Ivars Grinbergs igrinbergs at
Fri Jun 22 05:05:17 EDT 2007

   I've tried to use MS Win version of GnuCash (v2.1.4, built from r16170 on
   2007-06-18) on my Win XP Pro (SP2) laptop. The problem I encounter is that I
   cannot enter my local language (Latvian) correctly.

   From keyboard I cannot enter specific characters of the Latvian language
   into any GC field. However, I can do copy from other place (for instance,
   notepad) and paste anywhere in GC correct symbols which are then correctly
   stored and displayed.

   The specific chars are those:

   Which correspond to “regular” chars:

   This is what I can get form keyboard within GC:

   Which correspond to “regular” chars:

   As you can see, for most chars keyboard typing is ignored.

   To get Latvian language/keyboard, do this:
   1. Enable language bar  (right-click taskbar, check Toolbars->Language bar);
   2. Right-click keyboard icon in Language bar, add to „Installed Services”
   input language „Latvian” and keyboard layout „Latvian (~)”;
   3. Now one should be able to choose „Latvian (~)” by left-clicking keyboard
   icon in Language bar and after that able to input specific chars – to get
   specific  char push an release tilde key ([~] near [1]) and after that
   corresponding “regular” char, for instance, keyboard sequence [~][a] should
   yield “ā” char.

   I  also  have  installed  some  specific  language tools (see attached
   screenshot), but I think it doesn’t matter, since shutting down this app
   does change nothing.

   May be some guys who develop Win version of GC might have some ideas where
   the problem is and can try to fix it?

   With best regards,
   Ivars Grinbergs
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