updated gnucash's french translation : fr.po (with the file)

Leonardo Fontenelle leo.fontenelle at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 21:04:17 EDT 2007

2007/6/30, Yannick LE NY <y.le.ny at ifrance.com>:
> I spend about 8 hours for correcting 124 fuzzy translation
> and translate 65 strings that was not translated and
> made tests.

Wow, that mean we'll need 80 hours! My locale is pt_BR, not pt, but
our situation is similar: 1791 translated messagens, 1260 fuzzy, and
640 untranslated.

> I think that for you , the best solution is to translate : first the
> menu and the account  names created by Gnucash.

Thank you, I'll remember that.

> Maybe you can find some strings already translated that are the same in
> portuguese from europe in the pt_BR.po file.

Sometimes I (and I guess other translators too) peek at European
Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish translations :)

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