SX: Created Transactions not removed from SLR list

Volker Englisch Volker at
Thu Mar 15 01:59:11 EDT 2007

 > Yup.  Let me know if it's better @15723,

Strange thing happened:  It looks like some of my transactions were 
incorrectly scheduled for Jan. 1st.
For instance, I have an annual subscription to a magazine scheduled as a 
reminder for Sept. 1st.  This has now been included in the SLR list of 
items with a date of Jan 1st.  When I look at the "Last Occur", "Next 
Occur" columns this SX is listed with a date of Jan 1st but editing this 
SX the date is listed as Sep. 1.

 > and also if the day-of-week
 > of the transaction is correct.

I wasn't able to compile the new version before midnight so I'll have to 
wait until tomorrow to see if the change fixed the problem but I'll 
report back as soon as I know more.

Volker Englisch
mailto:Volker at

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