Google Summer of Code.

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 15 12:17:49 EDT 2007


If you have a specific project in mind then I encourage you to
apply to the Summer of Code.  Unfortunately I cannot advocate
for you to work on "guruCash".   But if you have specific issues
for GnuCash, you're welcome to apply as a student to work on a

GnuCash is mostly written in C.  The UI is GTK2 (and in many cases
uses the Glade UI Builder).   There are parts of GnuCash written
in Scheme, but those pieces are relatively small and getting smaller
every day.

Unfortunately you're not clear in your email exactly what issues
you have with the UI, what you found hard to use, or what changes
you really would like to make.  To be accepted as a GSoC candidate
you would need to be explicit about what you wanted to change, and
potentially even HOW you planned to change it.   I encourage you
to take a look at our proposed ideas list as well.

Thanks for your interest in GnuCash and Google Summer of Code.


PS: I've forwarded this to gnucash-devel, which is where discussion
about GSoC and development in general takes place.

Quoting Luis Meira <augustomeira at>:

> Dear Derek,
> My name is Luís Meira and I am motivated to participate of google summer of
> code.
> I am a braziliam PhD student of Computer Science at Unicamp.
> I also work in a government project as software developer.
> Lets start with a bit of history.
> In 2006 I sarted to use MSmoney and like to use it.
> It is a very nice financial software.
> What is the problem? It is paid? No, only.
> I call to Microsoft to buy and receive the answer.
> "You are in Brazil,  MSmoney is not more sold in your country. Sorry."
> So I start to use a pirate MSmoney in my computer.
> Id like to have two files of MSmoney, one to me, and other to
> a small enterprise. What a surprise: pirate version allow a second
> file, but with a very restrictive set of operation.
> I look for a open source financial software and found gnuCash.
> I am honest with you. I really want to use it, but became lost.
> I tried to learn the manual, import file from MSmoney.
> But I feel desapointed with the difficult interface of gnuCash.
> Last year I start my own financial software. I named it guruCash.
> It is incomplete, but nice. Work in two languages (porguese and english)
> Is easily extensible to other languages.
> I was thinking about finish this financial software as google summer
> project,
> but it is no possible, because I need to enter in a already existent
> project.
> So I found gnuCash as the closest project I had in mind.
> What I really think is important to gnuCash? Make a better interface.
> It is difficult. It is not just sit down and start to use.
> As a user, I feel difficult in many aspects.
> You can say... "Meira,  the user is the main problem of a software... "
> What I have in mind?
> In this summer (my winter... your summer) I'd like to enhance the
> interface of gnuCash. Make this user interface user friendly.
> I am not a expertise in user interface tecnologies. For example, I am newby
> in
> swinger. (gnuCash is made in with language?)
> I am also scared by the 1000 K line of code. I think I will fell lost in
> a so many code and, to start a contribuition I will need to cross this
> impedance.
> But, in any way, with you want two more hands to work in gnuCash,
> I have this two hands to work.
> For me is important the money google will pay. The money would be
> one strong motivation to procrastinate my PhD in one or two months.
> Well, very thank by yor attention....
> Feel free to contact-me
> Bye,
> Luís Meira
> -- 
> *********************************************
> Luís Augusto Angelotti Meira
> PhD candidate - UNICAMP
> University of Campinas
> Approximation Algorithms for NP-Hard Graph Problems
> *********************************************

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