Again font size when printing (help!!!)

two old twoold at
Mon Mar 26 15:49:38 EDT 2007

Hello ,

I am really frustrated with the way GnuCash handles the printing of
I'm an end-user I don't want to learn Scheme to get what I want. And if I
can believe the questions I found in the mailing list there are bunch of

I have searched the net and the mailing list and all I get are unanswered
questions. Try this or try that, sometimes it works, sometimes it won't.
I have even found a posting of programmers saying they are giving up on
this problem. Yes I tried to change “print-session.c” no luck, it will
not work.

I'm trying to get this to work for 4 days now and being a small-business
owner I really do not have the time to figure this out. Its a shame
GnuCash is a really nice program. I like using it, but printing is hell.

Is there anyone how knows “exactly” how this printing works?
Please programmers! I do not want feature X or option Y I just want to
get my financial data on a piece of paper and please bear in mind that
I'm not blind and my storage is limited, I don't want huge fonts.

I know that my tone of voice probably will not invite you to answer.
Sorry for that, I need to get my frustration out. I'm feeling much better
now thanks :-)

Now my questions. When I push the print button what happens? Which files
are used and in what order? Where are the variables located? And
naturally where besides “print-session.c” are font sizes defined?


Rob (2old).

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