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Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Thu Oct 25 14:19:26 EDT 2007

A German university has set up a website for bringing together users who need 
a feature, are willing to provide a bounty on that, and developers who are 
interested in working on this.


In contrast to plain bounty-collection which has been seen before, it seems to 
me this website is better on the "collecting input from several users" part, 
in that multiple users can comment on the same wanted feature and commit to 
various bounty amounts.

However, the question of feature-wise bounties has been brought up before 
here, and in general it didn't seem to attract any of the current developers. 
Put another way: The current (!) developers all hack on gnucash because they 
enjoy it, and part of the enjoyment is that we don't have to carry any 
immediate responsibility to deliver this or that feature in this or that 
timeframe. I don't think this will change in the near future with respect to 
the current developers.

However, a bounty-collection site like this might be of interest to motivate 
new developers to do actual paid work on gnucash. The risk here is that "new 
developers" cannot tell in advance whether their final patches to gnucash 
will be accepted by the current developers or not. Usually they are, but 
sometimes they are not. (This was the case e.g. in some of the branches in 
gnucash's svn which have been started but not finished.)

We (as the gnucash developers) should give some indication to the users 
whether we want to encourage such a community-driven bounty collection or 
whether we rather want to discourage this.

(I, for one, think it is worth a try. As I already said, I don't expect this 
to give any extra motivation for the current developers, but if it helps to 
attract new developers, it would be a good thing.)


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