gnucash hbci on Mac OS X Leopad / SCR335

Christopher Intemann intemann at
Mon Aug 4 11:33:56 EDT 2008

Am Aug 4, 2008 um 4:01 PM schrieb Micha Lenk:

> Hi Christopher,
> please keep the CC on the mailinglist to give others the opportunity  
> to
> help you too.
Sorry I thought I did.

> Christopher Intemann wrote:
>>> No, you need Gnucash 2.2.6 for integration of AqBanking 3.x and
>>> libchipcard 4.x.
>> Ok. Thanks for your hint.
>> I would rather stay with libchipcardd2 anyways, as I had far more
>> success installing and compiling it. Furthermore, Gnucash 2.2.6 is
>> not available through Darwinports at present, which means that I
>> would have to compile it by myself - with unsure results. I wouldn't
>> be too unhappy if I could avoid it then. I would very much appreciate
>> some hints how to either get my cardreader (SCR335) configured with
>> libchipcard2 (or even, libchipcard4) or how to get aqbanking 3.x
>> compiled in OS X. Does it make any sense if I would try libchipcard3?
> Yes, definitely: AqBanking 2.3.3 should work quite well with  
> libchipcard3.
And so I got libchipcard3 up and running.
Does not help much, though.
It also crashes when I start the onlinebanking wizard:

dhcp-203-16 107] /opt/local/etc/chipcard3/server > sudo /opt/local/ 
sbin/chipcardd3 -f -v
3:2008/08/04 17-25-15:gwen(71820):netlayer.c: 1413: Error on socket
3:2008/08/04 17-25-15:gwen(71820):ipc.c:  716: Outgoing request  
48971f5b not found
   Type            : ifd
   Name            : tow_ctapi
   DataDir         : /opt/local/etc/chipcard3/server/drivers/tow_ctapi
   LogFile         : /opt/local/var/log/chipcard3/drivers/tow_ctapi/ 
@reader at .log
   Library         : /usr/libexec/SmartCardServices/drivers/ 
   Customer        : (null)
   MaxReaders      : 1
     Group : "vars"
         Var   : "WriteBoundary"
             Value : "249" (char)
   Id              : 48971f2c
   IPC-Id          : 48971f30
   Status          : Up (3)
   ActiveReaders   : 1
   AssignedReaders : 1
     Driver flags : config
3:2008/08/04 17-25-27:gwen(71831):netlayer.c: 1413: Error on socket
3:2008/08/04 17-25-27:gwen(71831):ipc.c:  716: Outgoing request  
48971f67 not found
[17:25 -]
[dhcp-203-16 108] /opt/local/etc/chipcard3/server > sudo /opt/local/ 
sbin/chipcardd3 -f -v
3:2008/08/04 17-28-11:gwen(71849):netlayer.c: 1413: Error on socket
3:2008/08/04 17-28-11:gwen(71849):ipc.c:  716: Outgoing request  
4897200b not found
[17:28 -]
[dhcp-203-16 109] /opt/local/etc/chipcard3/server >

>> I don't mind if my software is kind of outdated or not, I just want
>> to get it work. As long as it does, it does :-)
> The problem with outdated software is, that you might have trouble  
> when
> asking for support.
Yeah. However, with so many different versions with similar release  
dates around, I was not
sure at all which to use.
I also tried to get gnucash 2.2.6 installed, but it failes compiling.
I therefore hope I'm fine with 2.2.5 and libchicard3.

> By the way: This is the Gnucash developers mailinglist. The topic of
> your mail seems to fit better on the [1]libchipcard or [2]AqBanking
> related mailing list (they even speek German there). You're welcome to
> ask you question there again to get a more specific audience... :-)
> 1.
> 2.

If nobody here has a hint on how to get the towitoko drivers installed  
in libchipcard3, I will ask in
the libchipcard-devel list.
Thanks in advance,
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