compiling 2.2.6 with aqbanking 3 for windows

Shawn Faucher rayven01 at
Wed Aug 20 17:36:22 EDT 2008

I finally got GnuCash to compile with AQBanking 3 on windows.  My problem
with QT was due to the fact that somehow 'make qt4-port' was skipping
qbhelpbrowser.cpp.  When I did that manually it compiled ok.

Unfortunately it does not work correctly.  So far I've noticed two major
issues.  One, the Online Banking Setup wizard button in GnuCash fails to
launch qt3-wizard.exe, even though it exists in gnucash/bin.  When I run
qt3-wizard.exe manually it starts up fine and the backends are listed but
trying to add users or banks causes it to crash with failed assertions
(which have non-helpful names like "a" and "c"...).

I'm attaching a diff for that allows installation with either
aqbanking 2 or 3.  I haven't gotten to yet.

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 6:52 AM, Shawn Faucher <faucher at> wrote:

> Thanks Andreas. I started in on it as well and noticed the same thing about
> make check. I commented it out and got through to aqbanking but am having
> trouble with missing QT headers that don't exist anymore in QT4. I'm away on
> vacation through next week with no access to my dev box or I'd upload my
> patch so far.
> -- Shawn
> On Aug 8, 2008, at 3:30 AM, Andreas Köhler < at> wrote:
>  Hi,
>> On So, 2008-08-03 at 17:45 -0400, Nathan Buchanan wrote:
>>> Hi Shawn,
>>> On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 10:30 PM, Faucher <faucher at> wrote:
>>>  Hello all,
>>>> I maintain the GnuCash Portable package on  I'm
>>>> excited
>>>> to
>>>> see with this release that aqbanking 3 is supported, since it no longer
>>>> requires admin access to the registry (HKLM) and is thus much more
>>>> portable.  Unfortunately I see that the windows release of 2.2.6 is
>>>> still
>>>> built with aqbanking 2.
>>>> Is anyone working on adding the option for aqbanking 3 to the windows
>>>> build
>>>> scripts?  I'm taking a crack at doing it manually but I'm sure someone
>>>> more
>>>> familiar with the scripts would probably do a better job.
>>> I think Andreas might have some pieces of it, but other than that, I
>>> don't
>>> believe anyone is actively working on it. It is on my ever-extending todo
>>> list, though.
>> yes, I have some pieces, but stopped because 'make check' in gwenhywfar
>> simply failed with gnutls.  One might want to ignore that for a while
>> and continue creating the other inst_ functions.  Shawn, if you want to
>> take a look at that, please consider working within our scripting
>> framework.  That will reduce the work a lot needed to incorporate your
>> results into the project.  I think the scripts are not that complicated,
>> basically all we need are at least functions inst_libgmp, inst_gnutls,
>> inst_gwenhywfar3 and inst_aqbanking3 that work together seamlessly.
>> Maybe the attachments help you a tiny bit.
>> If you have problems, do not hesitate to ask :-)
>> Personally, I am bit slow with emails right now though.
>> Ciao,
>> -- andi5
>> <libgmp.func>
>> <gnutls.func>
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