GDA interim benchmarking synopsis

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 14 12:47:41 EST 2008


Mark Johnson <mrj001 at> writes:

> SQLite and MySql are completely opposite as to which queries perform 
> well and poorly.  That's why I want to see if I can adjust the queries 
> and indices to do better.

I'm really beginning to wonder if we need to write special SQL
based on the database we're using in order to tune the performance
because of issues like this?  Yes, I know that that sort of defeats
the purpose of using a library like GDA, but if GDA can't form
an optimal query then it might behoove us to do the right thing
rather than hope they do.

> I may take a break from this to see about patching the PostgreSQL 
> provider to test it, too.


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