r17241 - gnucash/trunk/po - de.po: improve German translations for a few entries under "File - New". Closes 538900.

Frank H. Ellenberger f.ellenberger at online.de
Tue Jul 8 21:08:10 EDT 2008

Am Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008 00:42:00 schrieb Christian Stimming:
> Yes, the recently added de_CH.po
> translation should be patched accordingly as well. No, this shouldn't be
> Rolf's business but instead the business of the de_CH.po maintainer, whom I
> specifically asked whether he is willing to do this job and he accepted
> this job. I think he will provide a de_CH.po patch pretty soon, but it's
> fine if this takes 1-2 weeks.

Though I would suggest, we should publish all changes to de.po first as patch 
on the german mailing list, because not everybody watches everytime trac.

> (If no de_CH.po patch were supplied by a de_CH maintainer, we would have to
> discuss again the point of a separate de_CH translation, but for now I'd
> give him a bit of time.)

Assuming, the differences between de.po and de_CH.po are not too much, one 
could think about keeping de_CH.po as diff to de.po and create a make 
rule, "patch de.po CH.diff > po_CH.po" for po/ and glossary/.


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