r17241 - gnucash/trunk/po - de.po: improve German translations for a few entries under "File - New". Closes 538900.

Rolf Leggewie no2spam at nospam.arcornews.de
Wed Jul 9 04:42:39 EDT 2008

Christian Stimming wrote:
> (I'm unsure whether this answer made it to gnucash-devel, hence CC: to there)

it arrived fine.

> translation should be patched accordingly as well. No, this shouldn't be 
> Rolf's business but instead the business of the de_CH.po maintainer

sigh of relief ;-)

>> Can't all this be streamlined?  Launchpad maybe?  It's a breeze and real
>> fun to translate stuff there.
> So far no external translation tool was able to set up gnucash translations 
> correctly because of our importing of the translation message from C source 
> code, Scheme source code, and GConf schema files.

I cannot say it does work, but Launchpad is pretty powerful and new
features are being added all the time.  I'll talk to the maintainers to
find out more info.

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