ofxdirectconnect in aqbanking3 branch

"Andreas Köhler" andi5.py at gmx.net
Mon Jul 21 04:56:06 EDT 2008

Hi Dave,

Dave Reiser <dbreiser at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >From: Andreas Köhler 
> >Does r17347 change anything for you?
> Yes. For credit card accounts, the matcher window now appears.

Subsequently, I am going to filter out the showstoppers first (only ;-)).

> However, the first time I ran a directconnect session, gnucash asked me
> twice to specify an account for the credit card transactions I was
> downloading. Subsequent runs to the same bank only asked me once to specify an
> account (the Select Account dialog/window). I don't think gnucash should ever ask
> for an account during a directconnect sequence -- the Online Banking Setup
> function is supposed to take care of that. Gnucash won't even let me
> trigger the Get Transaction function unless there is an Online Setup match
> already established for the current account register.

Does it ask you for the same online id which is showed at the top of the chooser?
Typically, it should ask for a combination "bank code" + "account number" only once.

> Another problem is that all the descriptions showed up in the Transaction
> Matcher as 'unspecified'. Description should contain the contents of the
> OFX tag <NAME> or <MEMO>. My credit card company puts it in <NAME>, the
> investment broker in <MEMO>. Having all those descriptions show up as
> Unspecified makes matching difficult to impossible.

Hm, as that seems to be an OFX issue, I am not sure whether GnuCash can do
anything about it.

> The Transaction Matcher window should be drawn in front of the main
> window, or it's pretty easy to lose it. (Hey, where are my transactions?)

Does the transaction matcher window show up differently in other imports on
mac os?  Does adding a gtk_window_present(GTK_WINDOW(info->dialog))
at the end of gnc_gen_trans_list_new() in import-main-matcher.c change

> I'm pretty sure this next bit is an aqbanking issue, but it has always
> bugged me: For nearly all my accounts, the Memo field in the Transaction
> Matcher window shows up as "Account Unknown Bank Unknown". One of my two banks
> sends something useful that gets inserted in that field, but none of my
> credit card or investment accounts has ever had anything but "Account Unknown
> Bank Unknown" there. Having all that extra useless text bugs me. :)
> I still cannot connect to my main investment broker using aqbanking3. I
> still get a network error on every connection attempt. I can successfully
> connect with aqbanking2, and the ofx.log file shows identical ofx queries for
> both (except for the timestamps in NEWFILEUID, <DTCLIENT>, and <TRNUID>).
> Martin, something is different between aqbanking/gwen 3 and 2 that isn't
> showing up in ofx.log.

Ignoring :-)

> Also, unfortunately, the register window after a Transaction Matcher
> session still shows transactions which were rejected during the matching step.
> Sometimes that leads to a crash, but I haven't been able to replicate the
> crash on either single transactions or as many as 30 imported transactions.
> But it happens to me with some regularity on my 3 year-long data file and
> large imports. This bug is fairly long-standing, so it probably shouldn't
> hold you up this week.

OK :-)

Thanks, Dave!

-- andi5

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