credit notes-invoices-payments (was: Re: GDA: Status)

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Jun 1 15:53:52 EDT 2008

[[ Shoot! I keep forgetting to reply to list... Sorry Derek for all the 
doubles I cause in your mailbox ]]

Note: I have changed the subject to separate this topic from the GDA one.

On Sunday 1 June 2008, you wrote:
> > On top of this, you may have captured the bills in a different order
> > to the captured payments, so the payment splits end up not making
> > much sense. Then, if you unpost a bill to correct a mistake, it
> > further complicates things, because now the bill total may be
> > different and the payment splits make even less sense.
> You can choose the first item to get paid.  yes, if you unpost then
> it can get confused.  There's certainly some post/unpost/pay series
> that gets it very confused but I haven't been able to reproduce this
> case in my testing.
I have. See bug 488035:
That's one scenario that does confuse the internal logic.



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