building gda-dev2 on windows XP Pro SP2

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Sat Mar 15 16:28:36 EDT 2008

Related to getting started. (now that my "post fire" life is more or 
less back to normal -- sorry for the long delay)

I haven't ever done any "work" in the Windows environment before. Which 
means I don't have a set of development tools. Anybody willing to make 
some suggestions? What open source compliers. etc. and since LISP is 
involved, that too (is there such a thing as emacs for Windows?). I am 
also open to suggestions for books* (we lost about 2500 including all my 
computer science, math, etc.). Level? A retired senior systems analyst 
who has probably written a couple hundred thousand lines of code in my 
day but limited experience with "small machines" like personal computers.

If I am going to be of any use, time to get started.

Michael D Novack, FLMI

* I used to get by mainly with old ones (R&K for C, etc.). So I don't 
know what's current, especially with regard to "standards". I have till 
November with the insurance reimbursements.

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