building gda-dev2 on windows XP Pro SP2

Karim B karimb at
Sat Mar 15 17:57:32 EDT 2008

Mike or Penny Novack wrote:
> Related to getting started. (now that my "post fire" life is more or 
> less back to normal -- sorry for the long delay)
> I haven't ever done any "work" in the Windows environment before. 
> Which means I don't have a set of development tools. Anybody willing 
> to make some suggestions? What open source compliers. etc. and since 
> LISP is involved, that too (is there such a thing as emacs for 
> Windows?). I am also open to suggestions for books* (we lost about 
> 2500 including all my computer science, math, etc.). Level? A retired 
> senior systems analyst who has probably written a couple hundred 
> thousand lines of code in my day but limited experience with "small 
> machines" like personal computers.
> If I am going to be of any use, time to get started.
> Michael D Novack, FLMI
> * I used to get by mainly with old ones (R&K for C, etc.). So I don't 
> know what's current, especially with regard to "standards". I have 
> till November with the insurance reimbursements.
I haven't done much work on Gnucash on Linux or Windows but I was able 
to get it to compile under Windows by following the instructions on this 

There are a few manual steps and then a script that downloads and 
installs a bunch of tools and then compiles the code.

I still haven't figured out how to just compile the local code, the 
default scripts seem to go out to the svn repository and pull down the 
latest code every time. 

Anyone know anything about debugging Gnucash under windows?


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