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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 26 10:26:28 EST 2008


jamie campbell <jamie at> writes:

> Bruce Perens wrote:
>> For your wish-list: I'd like to be able to enter expenses in
>> multiple currencies. I travel as a speaker on the topic of Open
>> Source. The typical trip will have expenses in USD, EUR, and a third
>> currency.
> I've completed this feature and submitted the required patches to the
> list.. All but the last patch are applied to trunk (and the second
> last patch is being re-applied with a bit of a tweak).  I don't know
> if there are plans for it to be in 2.2 though, so you may have to wait
> until next year for the 2.4 release.
> The specific changes you'll see in whichever release uses it :
>    - ability to fetch the latest exchange rate from within the
> transfer dialog, rather than having to go to the web and look it up
> manually
>    - validation on the a/p or a/r account used (2.2 lets you post to
> the wrong-currency account), for both post and payment
>    - ability for line items in different currencies.  On post, you'll
> be given a transfer dialog for each differing currency so you can
> specify the exchange rate

In addition, you might want to add something to the Post To dialog
that says:

a) what currency you're posting to, and
b) what to do if you don't have any A/R accounts of the correct currency.

> -Jamie


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