Can't post invoice

Mark Jenkins mark at
Wed Nov 26 12:13:35 EST 2008

Derek Atkins wrote:

> In addition, you might want to add something to the Post To dialog
> that says:
> a) what currency you're posting to, and

I would like to see this in the invoice/bill interface instead of the
Post To dialog, to have it be something you think carefully about before
you post. This is a property that you need to read off your bills.

In either design, it would also make sense to choose the vendor/customer
currency as a default.

> b) what to do if you don't have any A/R accounts of the correct currency.

With the above change, it would make sense to not even bring up the
posting dialog if there is no way to complete it. There could be a
message dialog refusing to post for lack of A/R / A/P instead.


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