Can't post invoice

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 26 12:32:17 EST 2008

Quoting Mark Jenkins <mark at>:

> Derek Atkins wrote:
>> In addition, you might want to add something to the Post To dialog
>> that says:
>> a) what currency you're posting to, and
> I would like to see this in the invoice/bill interface instead of the
> Post To dialog, to have it be something you think carefully about before
> you post. This is a property that you need to read off your bills.
> In either design, it would also make sense to choose the vendor/customer
> currency as a default.

This is what it does.  The Invoice pulls the currency from the owner.
I think setting the Invoice currency to anything OTHER than the invoice
of the owner would be way too confusing.

I agree that displaying the invoice currency on the invoice would
be a good thing, but I do not believe it should be any easier to
change the currency than it is now.

>> b) what to do if you don't have any A/R accounts of the correct currency.
> With the above change, it would make sense to not even bring up the
> posting dialog if there is no way to complete it. There could be a
> message dialog refusing to post for lack of A/R / A/P instead.

It's not that it can't complete -- it can't complete without creating
a new account of the appropriate type/currency.  I don't think it
should prevent the post dialog from appearing, but a dialog that
appears on top of the dialog would be fine.

> Mark


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