invoice post dialog w/ no available A/R account

Mark Jenkins mark at
Wed Nov 26 13:41:02 EST 2008

> This is what it does.  The Invoice pulls the currency from the owner.
> I think setting the Invoice currency to anything OTHER than the invoice
> of the owner would be way too confusing.

I'll agree that it is best to keep this aspect of the business module

> It's not that it can't complete -- it can't complete without creating
> a new account of the appropriate type/currency.  I don't think it
> should prevent the post dialog from appearing, but a dialog that
> appears on top of the dialog would be fine.

I just realized that there already is a second dialog; when you click Ok
in the post dialog and don't have an account selected, you are informed
so. I think we just need a more informative message there.

There is a New button beside the (empty) post-to-account list. The new
account dialog that it provides already correctly selects the account
type, we could also get it to correctly select the Vendor/Customer currency.


cc Jamie

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