text not translated on the UI, while it is translated in the PO

zhangweiwu at realss.com zhangweiwu at realss.com
Sun Oct 19 20:20:11 EDT 2008

Hi. thanks for detailed answer to my email. Everything you wrote and I
snipped are accepted without question.

Christian Stimming wrote:
>> @@ -3467,9 +3467,7 @@
>>  #: ../src/gnome/dialog-price-edit-db.c:172
>>  #, fuzzy, c-format
>>  msgid "Are you sure you want to delete the %d selected price?"
>> -msgid_plural "Are you sure you want to delete the %d selected prices?"
>> -msgstr[0] "你确定你要删除当前价格?"
>> -msgstr[1] "你确定你要删除当前价格?"
>> +msgstr "你确定你要删除当前价格?"
> Why is the msgid_plural being removed here? The phrase is "fuzzy" before and 
> after your patch, hence this wasn't anything that you've been working on. 
> With which editor did you edit the zh_CN.po file? It seems to me the editor 
> didn't know the po syntax of msgid_plural and msgstr[0],msgstr[1],... and for 
> that reason those were removed. This is a bug of the editor.
I used gnome translator. I could use a text editor like vim but I want
my girlfriend involved who could only use GUI tools and who knows more
about financial than I do. My wish is the GUI translator work as good as
a text editor (vim), because not only in gnucash, all domain experts
might not be technical user at all. Okay, I'll check what version the
gtranslator is and report a separate bug about it. I also very much
welcome a recommendation of any working GUI tool for this task.
> In this commit I've simply skipped those parts of your patch and used only the 
> three phrases where the "fuzzy" was removed by you.
Fine and thanks. Rest of the changes are by the editor.

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