gconf not picking up updated .schemas files (was: problem in translation of .schemas files)

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Tue Oct 21 15:28:27 EDT 2008

Am Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008 19:40 schrieb Cristian Marchi:
>  I typed "make clean" and then "make" "make install" from the source tree.
> I noticed that the .schemas file were created with the correct translations
> but in GnuCash the translations didn't change. What am I doing wrong??

I have no idea. It means the gconf daemon (gconfd) somehow doesn't pick up 
your updated .schemas files with the updated translations. This might happen 

- the updated / hand-installed .schemas files were installed into a location 
different from where gconfd is looking for schemas files, e.g. /usr/local 
vs. /usr

- gconfd doesn't reload the schemas files right after "make install" of 
gnucash and would need some hand-triggering of that reload

- or I have really no idea.



>  Christian Stimming ha scritto:
> Am Montag, 20. Oktober 2008 20:25 schrieb Cristian Marchi:
> Hi,
> I was translating some of the strings that are linked to the file
> "apps_gnucash_general.schemas" and I noticed that they didn't get
> translated in the program (some are translated probably from an old
> version and some are in english). I noticed that this file didn't get
> updated when I run "make install" from the po directory.
> The strings in .schemas are not translated by the installed it.gmo file,
> even though their translation is included in the it.po file. Instead, when
> compiling all of gnucash (running "make;make install" in the top-level
> gnucash directory), some of the gtk/gnome tools will recognize each
> .schemas file (more precisely the .schemas.in file), look up the
> translations for each string in the respective .po files, and create that
> .schemas file that will actually be installed.
> So, yes, this is indeed only a translator's problem if you have changed the
> po file but not run "make;make install" on the whole source tree.
> I actually don't know whether the updates in the .po file will be picked up
> by "make" alone; maybe, if you repeatedly do this, you need to call "make
> clean" and then "make".
> Christian
> Let me know if this is only my problem.
> Thanks
> Cristian
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