"stable" branch for translation (was: update to po/zh_CN.po)

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Wed Oct 22 03:48:21 EDT 2008

Quoting zhangweiwu at realss.com:
> Hi thanks for answer. I didn't use svn version because I was told to use
> stable version in an outdated translation how-to document.

The how-to document always talked about "the stable *branch*". This  
means very well a file from SVN. In SVN, there are multiple versions  
of the po files available on multiple development branches. The how-to  
document clarifies that a translator should always pick the version  
that exist in SVN on the "stable" branch, not on any other branch.  
Currently, the "stable" branch in SVN is the one whose URL contains  
"gnucash/branches/2.2", whereas the non-stable or experimental branch  
is the one whose URL contains "gnucash/trunk" (hence the experimental  
branch is called "trunk" in short).

> I'll use svn
> version from now on. It's very helpful of you to get the URI of the svn
> file so I don't need to install svn client.

I would suggest installing an SVN client anyway. This is also what the  
how-to documents suggest all over the place. If you have a SVN  
checkout, creating a patch for sending here will be a built-in  
function of the SVN client program called "diff".

> Please apply the parts of the patch that can be applied, the rest of the
> phrases I can find out from rejection files and redo translation of
> these phrases manually again after you committed the (partly working)
> patch and I donwload them again. Then my next translation submission
> should work.

Thanks. I'll commit this soon, but I won't have time for this before  
the end of the week. Feel free to send updated patches if more work  
has been done.



> I use patch because I am not sure if I am using the exact version of .po
> file you are committing based on, since the translation howto suggest
> the translator use the stable version, that is more likely to happen.
> However you now suggest to work on svn version, then knowing we are
> working on the same file, in this case submitting my .po file would be
> easier. In the future there will be raw po file submission on this list.

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