QIF Record and field layouts

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Mon Apr 20 11:31:05 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

Still trying to get started.  I am moving my data from QuickBooks (much different than Quicken) to Gnucash.  I can easily export from QB to a tab or csv delimited file.  But moving that data into the QIF format will by my challenge.

So I am studying what is involved and find that the information re QIF format I found using google is pretty general.  I have some sense of what it will look like but nothing specific.

Here are my questions:
a)    How many record types does QIF support?
b)    Where do I find the field-by-field layouts for each supported QIF record type?
c)    What techniques did prior QB users invoke to make the data conversion to QIF?

Once I have those answers I am assuming I should be able to transfer my data from QB format to QIF.

Has anyone ever converted QB records to Gnucash?

Interested in all replies!  :)


Tom Bullock

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