QIF Record and field layouts

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Mon Apr 20 11:59:25 EDT 2009

Hi Tom,

I hope this works right...I am new to this mailing list...

I recently converted a client from QuickBooks to GnuCash because she bought
a new laptop with Ubuntu installed. I ended up starting a new file in
GnuCash by entering the Trial balance from 12/31/08 and started going
forward with the January Transactions. I figured that was the easiest for me
to do the transfer. This is a tiny client of mine so I was not in a position
to incur massive amounts of billable hours so I was looking for the easiest
and quickest solution. I also had never used Ubuntu or GnuCash before so I
was doing this blindly.

If you want to transfer the historical transactions then you need a third
party application like this one from Big Red Consulting. QuickBooks supports
IIF files while Quicken supports QIF files. You can not export QIF files
from QuickBooks.

You would have to run Custom transaction report--one bank/credit card
account at a time, export the report to excel and then run this tool:
http://www.bigredconsulting.com/AboutXLQIFConverter.htm. The tool is $49
which would be worth it if it meant having the history all in one file.


On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 11:31 AM, Tax Assistance Program - ( taptax ) <
taptax at nd.edu> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Still trying to get started.  I am moving my data from QuickBooks (much
> different than Quicken) to Gnucash.  I can easily export from QB to a tab or
> csv delimited file.  But moving that data into the QIF format will by my
> challenge.
> So I am studying what is involved and find that the information re QIF
> format I found using google is pretty general.  I have some sense of what it
> will look like but nothing specific.
> Here are my questions:
> a)    How many record types does QIF support?
> b)    Where do I find the field-by-field layouts for each supported QIF
> record type?
> c)    What techniques did prior QB users invoke to make the data conversion
> to QIF?
> Once I have those answers I am assuming I should be able to transfer my
> data from QB format to QIF.
> Has anyone ever converted QB records to Gnucash?
> Interested in all replies!  :)
> Thanks.
> Tom Bullock
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