python bindings will receive attention again

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Aug 29 20:39:05 EDT 2009

Mark Jenkins <mark at> writes:

>>  * provide guidance for anyone adding new features
>>  * add some features that my current project will need
>>  * follow up on Derek's suggestion to eliminate redundancies between
>> python binding swig files and guile swig files
> I've learned a little bit more about the release schedule and have
> realized that I should be very careful about changes like that right
> now. (in particular, the last one involves changing things outside of
> src/optional/python-bindings ). I get the impression that this kind of
> thing shouldn't be done in trunk until after 2.4 is branched off.
> So, I'm going to keep my focus on config/build issues, bugs,
> documentation, and making sure the api can be used in an OO style.

I think that some of this work can still be done for 2.3/2.4.  You just
need to be careful, but I doubt the python binding work would affect the
general workability of the main application.

I still encourage you to work on eliminating the redundancies, and I
think it's still safe to add new features to the python bindings.

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