Completed Catalan translation to commit

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Feb 9 14:47:34 EST 2009

Hi David,

Am Freitag, 6. Februar 2009 17:58 schrieb David Planella:
> Please note that after having not suceeded in generating a POT
> template (the file is not up to date), I simply used the
> German translation to generate a POT template on which to base the
> translation (having assumed that the latest German translation had
> been done using the last released template).

Good idea.  The German translation was using a POT template as generated from 
the SVN source code directly. For your purpose this means it was as up to 
date as possible.

> In order to make things easier to translators, I would suggest using
> some kind of coordination service so they can at least pick up the
> latest template available. It used to work quite well with the
> translation project, but if there are still differences with the
> maintainer, there are some other resources available (GNOME's
> Vertimus, Launchpad Translations, etc). I guess GNOME would be a good
> choice, due to the module being already in Vertimus (but not
> committable from there) and to the close ties of GnuCash to the GNOME
> environment.

*sigh* *sigh*. Someone tried to set up launchpad or something similar, I think 
a year ago, but finally gave up because an automated generation of the 
up-to-date template isn't possible from SVN source code unless the complete 
build chain required by gnucash is available on the build host.

And in general, the problem here is that this task is just so very complex. 
The Translation Project offered hosting for a template, but even then, it 
didn't support well multiple versions in between "official" versions (i.e. a 
template for "two weeks before 2.2.9 will be released") and it additionaly 
required to upload a complete source tarball together with the POT. This was 
highly impractical and due to this the template got quickly out of date.

With any other service, it would have to be possible to upload only the 
gnucash.pot template (and the server would have to support a suitable 
versioning scheme), but then, still someone on the gnucash side would have to 
volunteer to do the upload regularly. I can't (anymore). The person who does 
the upload would have to set up a build tree on his/her own machine, so that 
running "svn update ; make pot" will really generate a new gnucash.pot which 
is then uploaded. Maybe we find a web server where this can be put, and maybe 
someone volunteers to do that on a monthly basis, but indeed right now we 
don't have that. Sorry for that.



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