Completed Catalan translation to commit

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Feb 9 15:07:21 EST 2009

Am Montag, 9. Februar 2009 21:03 schrieb Derek Atkins:
> Quoting Christian Stimming <stimming at>:
> > With any other service, it would have to be possible to upload only the
> > gnucash.pot template (and the server would have to support a suitable
> > versioning scheme), but then, still someone on the gnucash side would
> > have to volunteer to do the upload regularly. I can't (anymore). The
> > person who does the upload would have to set up a build tree on his/her
> > own machine, so that running "svn update ; make pot" will really generate
> > a new gnucash.pot which is then uploaded. Maybe we find a web server
> > where this can be put, and maybe someone volunteers to do that on a
> > monthly basis, but indeed right now we don't have that. Sorry for that.
> Actually, it would be pretty easy on the new server to set up a cron
> job that did this and made the pot file available from
> somewhere.   I could failure easily set up a daily/weekly/monthly build
> to run a "svn update; autogen; configure; make pot" and then copy the
> pot file into a web-accessible location.

That would indeed be very good! Just pick whatever URL seems fine to you: or similar would be fine. A weekly cron build 
would be perfectly sufficient. The URL should be noted on but that's already enough.

Thanks a lot!


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