No more time for being a Translation Manager (committing the contributed *.po files)

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Jan 4 16:10:23 EST 2009

Dear developers,

Happy new year everyone! For me, the new year comes with many new interesting 
challenges at my daytime (paid) job. This is great. However, on the downside 
it's quite clear to me I cannot be as present on this mailing list as I used 
to be.

In particular, I won't be able to fulfil the job of a "Translation Manager" 
anymore, which is the guy who receives any newly submitted *.po translation 
file, commits it into SVN and notifies the contributor and this mailing list 
about the commit. Hence, I'd like to pass this baton on to someone else here, 
or even leave it vacant for now. In particular:

@Developers with SVN access: If anyone submits an updated translation file to 
here, please don't hesitate to commit it to the appropriate branch (usually 
the stable branch but not trunk, see ). In the last 1-2 years, it 
was mostly me who committed those po files into SVN, but I won't be doing 
this anymore, so please don't wait for me to do this. (This applies already 
for Cristian Marchi's translation of the win32 installer and Raffael 
Luthiger's de_CH translation.)

@All others: Are there any volunteers who think they could act as such a 
Translation Manager, given they'd be granted SVN write access (maybe first to 
the po/ subdirectory)? Feel free to make yourself known. Qualifications 
needed: Basic knowledge of SVN and the gettext tools. You need to be able to 
compile gnucash from SVN, so that you can copy the contributed foo.po file 
into your SVN working copy, run "make" and check that it doesn't fail, then 
commit the contributed file to SVN. That's all.

Thanks a lot!


Christian Stimming

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