How to build AqBanking on Win32? $(qt3_moc) & $(RC) not defined

Gary Bartlett Developer at
Sun Jun 21 15:20:20 EDT 2009

I'm trying to build the SVN version of GnuCash for the first time on a clean
Windows installation using the packaging/win32/ script, with a setting that includes "AQBANKING_WITH_QT=no" (I've also tried
adding "AQBANKING3=no").  But when the install procedure gets to the
AqBanking module, the build fails (with several 'program not found' errors)
because there is no makefile definition for $(qt3_moc) or $(RC).  Where are
these definitions supposed to come from?  Or can anyone give me any tips on
getting past these errors?  I think I've followed all the steps needed as
specified on the Windows Wiki page (I have not installed any QT components).

The config.log file seems to list RC='windres', but this, seemingly, doesn't
make it into any Makefiles.  It also lists $(qt3_moc)=''.


Here is the build log:
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