Polish translation updated

Jacek Baszkiewicz jbaszkiewicz at o2.pl
Mon Sep 21 20:03:33 EDT 2009

Hi Team!

I've just finished my work with Polish .po file (with a glossary). Any 
critical comments from my country's native speakers of course are 
Two things. First: I've started my work few months ago before the string 
freeze and that's why references to .c files in comments are 
out-of-date. I didn't find the way to correct it automatically. Second: 
There was no way to translate one string for menu option 'Online 
Banking' in Preferences Dialog. Maybe there is some error to check.

Greetings to all

Jacek Baszkiewicz

P.S. I will try in a next days to translate also account's files. Can 
someone tell me what I need to do to see my changes after code 
compiling? I mean - I put new Polish folder in a accounts folder and... 
what else to do to place this new folder in a KDevelop project so that 
it could be compiled?

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