How to translate .schemas string (Whether or not translate the string in the quote?)

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Apr 26 08:09:19 EDT 2010

Dear Tao,

Zitat von Dancefire <dancefire at>:
>> BUT for your translation work you should keep in mind that this string as
>> well as all the others from the .schemas file will probably never be visible
>> inside gnucash, so they are clearly less important for normal gnucash users.
> If those string will not likely be shown to user, is that possible
> remove them from the .pot file so that translators will not necessary
> to struggle on those strings. I have translated many of them, and
> finally realize something might be wrong.
> During the translation in poedit, I just translate them one by one,
> and normally will not check the references file unless something not
> sure. Since there are 4k strings in po file, it is not really easy to
> determine the priorities by source.

Yes, I know. This is a fundamental problem of the po file format - all  
strings are equal in there, and there isn't any easy method to assign  
something that looks like priorities or similar. I know the file is  
big, but I'm very sorry that we can't easily solve this problem.

> Or, maybe I just missed, how
> should we determine, which string should put to low priority? Based on
> the pattern in the reference file name? Such as, any file under
> src/gnome/schemas/, or any file with

Yes: All strings from any * file have the same issue and  
are clearly of lower priority than the others.

Indeed we might check into removing those from the main gnucash.pot  
file and instead moving them into some separate gnucash-gconf.pot  
file. I'll have a look later.

For now, I've added my current state of knowledge on the wiki page,

Does that explain the situation a bit more for you?



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