Request: require glib2 >= 2.12

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Feb 20 11:18:54 EST 2010

Am Freitag, 19. Februar 2010 schrieb Geert Janssens:
> I'd like to bump the minimum required glib2 for the 2.3.x series to 2.12.

I'm all in for raising our minimum required version to some higher and more 
recent value.

My main reason is that all of us developers use more recent versions, which 
means we also test only on the more recent versions. Even if we pretend the 
older versions might still compile, they are for sure not tested at all. 
Eventually we're better off to say the old versions are neither tested nor can 
be used for compiling instead of saying they might be used for compiling but 
we have no idea whether they still work.

Hence, I'm all in for glib2-2.12 and even higher versions. The gtk requirement 
should be updated as well, I guess.



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