Is there anything I should know to replace GnomeDruid with GtkAssistant?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Jul 1 05:38:24 EDT 2010

Hi Tao,

thanks for this research. To me, this sounds like it would require  
significant efforts to get back into a source code state that compiles  
on CentOS 5.5. IMHO this effort gives only very little gain. Hence,  
IMHO we should acknowledge that our support of this distro has been  
dropped already, and hence we should increase our required gtk et al  
versions accordingly.

Zitat von Tao Wang <dancefire at>:
> DBI_DECIMAL_SIZEMASK is introduced in r18288, and the macro is only
> available since libdbi 0.8.2, but CentOS 5.5 only have 0.8.1.
> gnome_keyring_result_to_message() is introduced in r18842, and the function
> is only available since libgnome-keyring 2.19.5, but CentOS 5.5 only have
> 0.6.0.
> g_strcmp0() is appeared in several places, and it is available since glib
> 2.16, but CentOS 5 only have glib 2.12.3.

These are already three completely unrelated issues, and as you  
correctly indicate, there might be more of those still waiting in the  
code. Again, I think we should just acknowledge the fact we don't  
support the old distro anymore.

Best Regards,


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