Documentation for the 2.4 release

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Tue Oct 5 10:34:57 EDT 2010

On Monday 4 October 2010, Thomas Bullock wrote:
> Developers,
> What plans are you making for the documentation when the 2.4 release become
>  official?
Hi Thomas,

The silence you get as an answer already hints that there is not really a 
plan... at least I don't know of a formal one myself.

I wonder if it would be useful to have some more formalized documentation 
update process, which includes calling on interested writers when GnuCash is 

> Due to it having the use of 3 types of databases, it seems to me that would
>  entail a significant documentation update involving a general description
>  of how GC would then work and specific sets of instructions for using each
>  of the 3 data bases.  And I suppose there could  be impacts on how reports
>  are prepared by GC.
> Am I thinking along the right lines?  If so, when would those enhancements
>  be written and incorporated into the current Guide and Help manuals?
All of the above suggestions would be very good additions to the GnuCash 

As to when ? Now would be a good moment. As far as I can tell, most developers 
are focussing right now on squashing the last remaining blocker bugs to get 
2.4 ready. There are no new features planned anymore until the stable release 
and I expect no or only very small interface changes until that time as well.

Which means that GnuCash as you can play with in 2.3.15 minus some internal 
bugs will be what you get in 2.4 and hence can be used as a reference to 
update the documentation.

In any casy, I hereby invite everyone with some writing skills and some time 
on his hands to join us in updating the documentation with the latest and 
greatest new features that have been added in the 2.3.x development cycle. ;)

I'll try to contibute my part if and when I find some time. The next couple of 
weeks will be very busy for me outside of GnuCash...


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