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On 2010-10-10, at 06:16, Cristian Marchi wrote:

> I saw that the documentation about the preferences in GnuCash is not up to date, so I would like to improve it. I'm planning to start the work in the "ch_basics.xml" file under "guide/C". I'm also planning to update all the figures in this chapter. I noticed that under "help" there is a similar chapter that will eventually be updated too.

Nice, good find.

> […]

> When the patch is ready do I need someone to review the changes or could I commit it directly?

I’d post it to the list, and if no one finds any mistakes after two or three days (maybe more?) I’d just commit it. One thing I’ve learned while working on the docs–if you’re working against a bug/issue, best to keep the BugZilla page updated while the work is ongoing and on completion. Also you can check out the wiki page on the guide [1] to get useful info.




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