win32 trunk daily build runs again (was: still broken)

Robert Fewell 14ubobit at
Thu Apr 28 17:40:24 EDT 2011


I have two xp VM's, one that I build on and the other for testing. If I
install the nightly build r20596 on my build VM it starts up but it does
have other problems. If I install r20596 on my test VM, it starts with the
splash screen and then quits. So I thought that on the build VM it is
finding some files in the c:\soft\.. directories and after some renaming it
appears to be looking in the c:\soft\guile\share\guile\1.8\
ice-9 for the missing file / files.

If I copy c:\soft\guile\.. to my test VM, gnucash starts.

Other problems I have noticed are :-

When you create a new account file, I submitted a patch to fire the 'save
as' but that seems to of been lost, I don't think it is on 2.4.5 either.
If you save to xml, close the application and start it up again you end up
with a blank accounts page, if you 'view new accounts page' you still end up
with a blank accounts page but sqlite works.
The problem with the tabs being black appears to be down to the "MS-Windows"
theme, if you choose a different theme, the tabs appear normal.



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