GNUCash 2.4 Small business accounting

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Feb 10 06:46:33 EST 2011

Zitat von Julian Copes <julianc at>:
> My name is Julian Copes and I work for Packt, publishers of a new book on
> GNUCash called "GNUCash
> <>  2.4 Small business accounting" by Ashok  
> Ramachandran.

@Developers: I've participated in the creation process of this book as  
a reviewer. I haven't seen the final version of the book so far, but  
from what I've seen during the review phase, I can whole-heartedly  
recommend this book. It's well written, fun to read, and covers a very  
wide range of topics including plenty advanced topics and some of the  
unavoidable workarounds that are still needed from time to time in  
gnucash. (And no, I don't profit from this book in any form, except  
for having received one free copy for the review effort.)



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